Sunday, November 15, 2015

Falling for Fall

Since the anniversary celebration, I have been playing catch-up with life.  We had a brief few days exhaling, relaxing and being awed by the still beautiful changing leaves and the mountains in North Carolina. Surrounded by beauty and great food, we were content in our visit.  My Sweetie taught a tai chi class for a friend of ours, we spent hours walking and sampling the fabulous Cajun style food of Mayfel's Bistro in downtown Asheville.  Oh they have wonderful gumbo!  ...And beignettes, and everything on the menu is delectable!

There's my Sweetie as we wait for our order to come in.  It is really a fun place and they had it all decked out for Halloween. 

On our stroll of the old downtown area, I discovered that the iron iron had been yarn-bombed!  That was just too cool!

We also took a tour of the Grove Park Inn, which we had not visited on years.  It is such a wonderful historical site, and a beautiful architectural wonder.  Nearby, we toured the Grovewood Gallery and Antique Car Museum.  Sweetie really enjoyed the cars.  My favorite was the old fire engine.  I had to do the "hot babe with the sports car" pose for the camera. Wouldn't we all like to drive that sweet little auto just once?

The Grovewood Gallery is a haven for artists and I could get lost in there for hours.   Just outside is a forest of metal trees that I suspect come to life in the rain.  They appear to be little cups that would become cascading waterfalls.  Isn't that a delightful idea?

My Fall colors

We came back home to stir the old bones back into action.  Knitting came up again with a new KAL on the Jane Thornley Ravelry group.  We are knitting Fall, and with such a recent and glorious eye feast, I am picking up an old pattern that I have done a few times but love its simplicity and adaptability.  My yarns run the gamut of all those colors I saw in North Carolina.  I am so taken with the golden leaves of Aspens, and since "my colors" are those of Winters, I am using lots of yellow to brighten up my Fall sweater.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

THE Event

I can't believe that it has been so very long since  my last post.  Sorry ...sorry to those of you who find my ramblings informative and perhaps inspiring.  There was a momentous event that I had to give my "all" to and that took every ounce of concentration I could muster.  My Sweetie celebrated his 30th year in business AND his birthday at the end of October with a public demonstration featuring his students kung fu skills.  It was so off the charts amazing and I was busy helping with that and putting together a fifty page commemorative album on the history of the my husband and the school + students to present day.  The South Carolina State Legislature presented him a beautifully framed resolution for his years in business, military career and community contributions.  I thought it would all never end, but it has and I am slowly trying to pull my focus back to being creative with my hands.  Never mind that the holidays are crushing down rapidly!
Master Saleem Alamudeen is presented his Legislative resolution by his students on October 24th 2015.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Finally Done!

Oh yes, I have been "nose-to-the-grindstone" for the past three weeks now.  The DH's kung fu school is about to celebrate its Thirtieth Anniversary(BIG YAY!) in another month, and I have been putting together an album to commemorate the event.  There are always technology challenges when I attempt any project of that sort, so it has been a huge relief to have finally dotted the last I and crossed the last "T."

All that time, I was mostly absent form my jewelry studio.  I longed to take the time to finish the pink Imperial Jasper bracelet that I had started for the store event I wrote about last post, but I knew if I got into it, the book deadline would suffer.  Yesterday, I was able to really have a go at it and finished it up.  Here you see my finished piece....

Monday, September 7, 2015

Wine & Cheese

I have been selling some of my jewelry.  OK,
I stumbled into a fabulous little boutique that specializes in Interior Design and has some wonderful items for the home and features hand-made decor too.  I have often wondered how jewelry fits in ...but why not???  We women love our jewelry.  One for the house and one for me!

A few days ago the store held an open house with wine and cheese tasting and invited customers to come in and meet their artists.  I have never done anything quite like this and I don't do wine or large parties, and not so much cheese, but I am looked forward to enjoying a good time out of the house.  An event like this absolutely requires a "canvas" for showing off my artisan OOAK (one of a kind) jewelry, and I worked against deadline to make something to wear with an outfit I will be wearing for the first time.

For over a year now (I have had a very long "To-Do" list) I have planned to incorporate a knit lace edging for an old knit silk camisole.  It's OLD.  Old enough that I didn't mind once that it stopped right at my waist and showed just a little skin.  Now, the horrors of my muffin top would leak out of that gap and I ain't showing no one my muffin!  So, when I came across this gorgeous pink yarn that matched color perfectly I set yarn and top aside.  Now, finally, it is complete and I will be wearing that with my white linen pants and big shirt.  But what jewelry to wear?!!!  ...So off I went to Michael's and struck gold.  Beautiful slabs of pink dyed Imperial Jasper to make a "Pebble and Bam-Bam" style necklace, and bracelet too, but the bracelet didn't get done in time for the event.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Love My Granddaughter

I raised sons.  Although they loved cooking and we had our kitchen fun, they were too bouncy to want to learn other crafts from my experience.  My first home-ec class in junior high had me passionately wanting to learn more, more, more.  I stayed with it and in college I majored in Textiles and Design.  I sewed nearly everything for my family, and made sewing a part-time career.  It was like breathing to me.  Having excellent sewing knowledge and skills, I used to teach classes to pass on what I knew.  Now, my grown-up granddaughter is showing an interest in learning the skill. I am so very proud of her and happy to share  a little of what I know.  My first machine so many years ago was also a Brother.  I do have to admit these completely computerized models make me appreciate my old basic work horse.  ...And the old Brother?  It's still going strong ...whenever my sister has mending to do.

Monday, August 24, 2015


8?  Yes.  I mean to say it is August and that it's nearly gone ALREADY.  Where is the year going?  Time is moving faster than I am and I want it to slow down!  Well, we all know that just won't happen, so I guess the only thing to do is speed me up. 

I have been feeling the pressure to be creating more ...more ...more.  A new design I refer to as "The Abacus" has kept me in the studio these past weeks working on leather cuff bracelets.  Unfortunately, I keep running into problems with new snaps that don't play well with thin leathers. 

Then there are rivets.  Thankfully, they work for me, and look just like the snaps.  ...Whew!!!  ...And rhinestones!  We gals do love us some bling.  

The stones seem to love the design.  More ways to use them pop into my head before I can even get finished with one piece.  

Mother of Pearl cabochons, turquoise and pyrite nuggets, just pretty stones, fresh water pearls and unique ceramics, rustic wood slices I have cut from my Gum tree branches, amonite and other fossils, ...all my beads want to play with galvanized steel, silver-plate and copper metals!

Silvery nuggets want to play in chains ...boldly making statements of their own.

The Basic Abacus

Monday, July 13, 2015

Traveling Again!

It seems that the hubby and I have a bit of wanderlust these days.  Actually, I think things

have been so intense for him with upcoming plans for a 30th year teaching kungfu anniversary that he needs to clear out of town each chance he gets.  This time, we escaped to a favorite spot in the mountains ...good ol' Asheville!  My pockets were kind of empty and so I did almost no hunting for precious bits to add into jewelry, but I couldn't resist a table that was set up in the town park square by the local mineral society.  ...Imagine rough Australian opals in deep purples and turquoises and magenta winking seductively, begging to come home with me.  How could I resist?  Then, imagine me early Sunday morning, wading in ankle deep water, foraging for shiny pebbles in a local creek!  Of course I filled my pockets!  I am so excited about all the raw stones I brought home with me.

My Sweetie scored too, as he made a connection with a long-time acquaintance that lives up there and they are planning to meet frequently and do some training together.  LOL!!!  ...Next time we go, I bring my mesh beach shoes and some more money!

I just finished another piece that was done as a commission.  Another stone lover wanted to wear one in a necklace and impress her grand-babies.  Her beautifully colored stone has a pattern in it that resembles a face.